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 Shoot away!


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Whether you’re partying at home or away this summer it’s all about having fun in the sun. Carnival, our latest collection, has deep Latin roots with vibrant florals, tropical patterns, stripes and most importantly, bold colour combinations!
This Collection is a flamboyant mix, match and clash. Electric Oranges and Pinks toned down with Periwinkle Blue. Adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Go ‘full carnival’ accessorizing head to toe in exotic flowers and fruits.
Wander the favela’s and vibrantly coloured streets of Rio, dancing to the beat of your own drum. Be unique in a head turning print. Be eccentric, be daring - why not, it’s carnival season and we’re ready to play!
Vamonos chicas!
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Our next collection Blank Canvas will be available early January.


Blank Canvas, our fresh Spring collection, is inspired by promenade walks by windswept beaches, contemporary art, and soothing days in lofty artisan studios that are piled high with canvases, worn easels and pots of paint stained brushes.


The look is young and carefree with a pensive intelligence - A fresh and bright colour palette with splashes of blues, ocean green, turquoise and with hints of purple in bold watercolour prints and delicate impressionistic daubs, reminiscent of Monet, create a wistfully artistic look. We’ve combined relaxed Breton-striped shirts and delicate off-the-shoulder blouses in sky blue and white cotton, casually tucked into belted skirts, comfy slouch trousers and relaxed jumpsuits of raw denim, layered for crisp spring days.


Dress it down with "effort-less” makeup, tousled hair held up with a loosely tied denim bandana and sentimentally-quirky, one-of-a-kind accessories. Or get creative, channel your inner artist and style this blank canvas in your own unique way. 


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Closet collection available @rohboutique....Check out what's coming...

Retro Rumours, our Winter collection takes inspiration from nostalgic memories of the 70s; Ozzie Clare, Celia Birtwell and Biba. It evokes the story of girls raiding and reinventing their mother’s closet to create a modern take on 70s style. The look is long and lean with a printed coat and midi dresses in Arts and Crafts prints and feminine dropped waist dresses with fluted, flippy hems and flared cuffs. Imitate Annie Hall in a tie-waist pinstripe skirt paired with a polo neck or cute, cropped wool jacket. A colour palette of winter white, black and teal gives a striking, sophisticated base, whilst bright chartreuse and bottle green lift the collection in bold wallpaper-esque geo prints and soft, muted florals. Style with knee high suede boots, buckled brogues or block-heeled sandals and glitter socks. Delicately minimal make up and tousled hair complete this contemporary retro look.
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As our collaboration with Closet keeps growing we would like you to have a look at the latest collection.

As Autumn falls and the nights get longer, we take our inspiration from long lavish nights with a glass of wine, surrounded by friends in crumbling country retreats.


Our latest collection, Paisley Park, features a rich autumnal colour palette of ruby red, deep purple and black, with highlights of spiced orange, pulled together with striking paisley prints, Jacquards, lace and satin. All in all, creating a luxurious collection of must have statement pieces.


Silhouettes include high-low dresses, long sleeve lace tops, off the shoulder necklines, box-pleat skirts and 2-in-1 show stoppers. Team it with black or red velveteen heels and glossy ruby eye shadow to complete the look. Perfect for lavish nights with friends. 


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Sahara Sunset
The nights are drawing in but you are holding onto your memories of a journey of self-discovery through wind swept dunes and dusky nights. This is a magical story of romance, exploration, colour and culture. Our latest collection: Sahara sunset, pulls together prints and textures from across Northern Africa and boasts bold, punchy prints in colours of earth, fire, gold, turquoise, deep blue and faded pink. Tied together with babouche inspired slippers, Berber cuffs and a tribal necklace.


La Dolce Vita

Channel your inner Sofia Loren with our latest story La Dolce Vita. This story is all about polished perfection with a sixties twist. Shift dresses come with playful buckle, button and bow tie detailing. Prints range from geometric and aztec to the classic chevron stripe. Shirt dresses and denim culottes are easy, trendy and functional.  La Dolce Vita is full of strong silhouettes and prints for a strong personality! Style the range with a block heel sling backs, mod style earrings and oversized shades.


Despre simplitate si confort

Dacă îi dăm crezare lui Chanel atunci când afirmă că „luxul nu este opusul sărăciei, este opusul mediocrității” suntem îndreptățiți să credem că atunci când vine vorba de rafinament și bun gust, nu vorbim atât de branduri, cât de piese vestimentare în sine. Un lucru este cert: moda implică data expirării pe ambalajul sezonier, însă ceea ce nu este perisabil rămâne stilul. Atunci când am descoperit platforma online www.rohboutique.ro m-am gândit invariabil la multitudinea de feluri în care piesele vestimentare din portofoliu pot fi purtate.

Exclusive Brands 1

M-am gândit, de asemenea, la câte tipuri de evenimente și ocazii se potrivesc, cu ce alte piese pot fi ele asortate, ce parfumuri și accesorii le-ar evidenția. Dincolo de imaginea globală, scenariu vestimentar pe capitole ale anotimpului rece, elementul ce frapează este prețul redus, incredibil de mic în aparență pentru calitatea produselor puse la dispoziția împătimitelor de modă sau, pur și simplu, doritoarelor de a achiziționa noi piese vestimentare. Nu întâmplător am folosit cuvântul „aparență”, ci pentru că am aflat ulterior că este prețul corect pentru acest gen de produse, comparabile calitativ cu cele oferite de branduri sonore, un preț care nu plătește nici chiria într-o zonă centrală a metropolelor și nici „taxa reputațională” construită în ani de muncă.

De la accesorii până la rochii de seară, boutique-ul online propune shopping-ul ca instrument de relaxare și, totodată, de satisfacere a dorințelor și nevoilor femeii moderne. Într-un mediu în care „time is money”  se prezintă ca o replică mai actuală ca oricând, distribuitorii pieselor sub egida Rohboutique cred în experiența cumpărăturilor online și le oferă clienților săi posibilitatea de a vizualiza sute de produse grație unui design al site-ului ce mizează pe simplitate și confort.

Pentru că cele mai frumoase lucruri sunt simple și asigură o stare de confort între vizibil și invizibil. 


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